Wedding Photography Package

We create unique memories and experiences that last a lifetime.

Mark and Joseph of Best Man Photography are constantly in demand to deliver what customers has coined the best bloke photos for any wedding. We not only cleverly take shots from the bride’s point of view, but incorporate this into our man shots to tell a beautiful story that’s seen through the groom’s eyes. For any woman and wife out there, it’s not just the photos that are important, it is usually the meaning of the photos that bring about a deeper bond within the marriage. And what better way to have the wedding told by the man and see his love through his eyes, so you can never doubt his love for you.

We place an emphasis on timeless captures alongside unique fun filled ones. We believe marriage is built on traditional morals, yet are bonded and grown through the loving emotions that can change or be spontaneous at different stages of life.

Our skill and sensitivity as photographers create a beautiful and artistic package of photo. So please go ahead and book your spot with us now.


” Mark & Joseph was there every step of the way. Their professionalism is nothing short of magnificent and they are true to their Company’s philosophy” from Cindy Payne, Sydney

“I was tossing between Best Man Photography and a normal photography who promises all the bells and whistles. I’m glad I chose Best Man Photography because the photos they produced were not only incredible, but brought tears through my eyes because they couldn’t have told our love story any better than we could. I now can truly understand love from my husband’s point of view and this has actually brought us even closer than I could imagine after our wedding ceremony.” from Vanessa Barton, Sydney